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With statistics showing a high number of home burglaries in Melbourne, installing a security door is playing a key role in ensuring your home security. If you want to keep your possessions and your family safe, you have several options of security doors in Melbourne. With the many styles, colours and designs available, it might be difficult to choose. In order to facilitate your choice you need to understand the different security door aspects. This guide comes to help you select the product most suitable to you, based on the level of security required, your budget, and your individual circumstances.

It case that you live in a Melbourne area with high break-ins rate, you need maximum protection. For this purpose you may consider a high-end security door. The best security doors in Melbourne come with a 3-point locking system and a high-grade steel security mesh. However, in case that your requirements are not quite so strict, you may want just a visual deterrent to potential intruders. Security doors in Melbourne that provide ample security come with a standard aluminium diamond grille.

• Aluminium or Steel

Today, aluminium is the frame material most common used for home security doors. There are still some steel-framed security doors on the market, but these are mostly niche products and becoming rare. This is mainly because of the advancements in the new generation of aluminium frame doors as well as because of the fact that steel has the potential to rust.

Many of the top brands in Melbourne security doors, such as Screenguard, Crimsafe, Prowler Proof, Invisigard, and Amplimesh, are aluminium framed. Steel-framed doors are more commonly marketed as steel security gates. They tend to be bulky and heavier, and more dated in design.

• Australian Standards

A certified Australian Standard guarantees that the door provides a certain level of protection. An example of Australian Standard is AS5041-2003.

Various tests are covered by the Australian Standards for security doors, including:

• Corrosion Resistance

• Anti-jemmy Test

• Dynamic Impact Test

• Pull Test

• Knife Shear Test

• Probe Test

These days doors are corrosive resistant and they are made with a range of materials. You need to ensure that the source materials are respecting the Australian standards and the products are

coming from a reputable supplier.

• Frame

The strength of the frame defines a good security door product.

• Fixing Systems

Pressure retention systems and rivets are most commonly used to secure screens to frames.

• Infill Screens

Security infills come generally in these main styles:

o Stainless Steel Mesh

o Aluminium Perforated Sheets

o Aluminium Grilles

• Lock Brands

You are going to find in Australia three main brands of security door locks. These include Lockwood, Whitco, and Austral. These brands are Australian designed and made, respecting Australian security standards.

• Type of Locks

• Straight bolt standard locks

• Hook bold ultimate locks

• 3 point locks

• Hinges

Security doors must always have three hinges installed on the bottom, middle, and top of the door. The hinges come with fixed pins easy to remove.

• Cost

Security doors in Melbourne Pricing differ in price based on the frame type. As already mentioned above, there are heavy duty frames that use a pressure retention system and standard frames. Various suppliers may also include different standard features, such as upgraded mesh and bug seal, as well as different brands of door closer and lock. Prices vary depending on size and the overall package. For a standard frame security door with an Aluminium Diamond Grille, you can expect a starting price of about $400. For a standard frame security door with an Aluminium Decorative Motif Grille, you can expect a starting price around $500. A standard frame security door with a Stainless Steel Mesh would come with a starting price at around $600. Security doors with heavy duty frames have prices that start at around $800.

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